Since the mid-1980's Pere Marquette 1225 has been a fixture in the central Michigan town of Owosso.  2005 brought the locomotive even more notoriety in the form of the movie "The Polar Express", which used many design elements and sounds from the 1225.

Polar Express

1225's blueprints were the prototype for the locomotive image, and its sounds were used in the 2004 film The Polar Express. The film was based on the Caldecott Medal winning book of the same name. The children's book was written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg, who grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and as a child attended every home football game at Michigan State, next to which this engine was on static display. He recalls playing on this engine many times as a child saying, "I remember that train on campus,...I can't believe it's the same train! I climbed on that train. I actually stood on it."[3] Appropriately enough, the locomotive's road number is the date of Christmas, 12/25.

Pere Marquette 1225


Pere Marquette 1225 Polar Express Steam Engine:

關於Aurora Winter Train

1. AURORA WINTER極光列車,也可說成北極特快車,

2. 你有看過一部電影「北極特快車 The Polar Express」嗎?
內容大致是描寫在聖誕節前夕,有一個小男孩躺在床上,屏氣凝神地想捕捉一個有信心才聽得到的聲音──聖誕老人的雪橇鈴聲,卻意外的搭上通往北極的特快車,展開一段奇幻的旅程,到達聖誕老人所在的熱鬧城市,並且聽到了最美妙的銀鈴聲 ……。
而這本童書中的火車就是我以這次所搭乘的The Aurora Winter Train為題材,

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